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High quality Commuter waterproof backpack 25 liters TPU material manufacturing factory in China - Sealock.We have fully supply chains for cheap Commuter waterproof backpack 25 liters TPU material. Welcome to wholesale and buy products from our companies, we will Provide you with discount price. We are a Chinese suppliers.Our products have the characteristics of Fashion, Newest, Durable, etc.

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The Commuter waterproof backpack 25 liters TPU material is made of the same seamless joint process. There is a common waterproof zipper bag on the outside front side, which can store small items such as car keys, lighters, tissues, etc. There is a stretchable mesh bag on the left and right sides, which can be stored. Water bottles, water cups, etc., an external expansion belt in the middle part of the backpack, which can be expanded to hang carabiners and water bottle buckles, allowing you to expand at will. There is also a small pocket on the top of the bag, which can store your important items and can be taken at will. Easy to use, the capacity of the entire backpack is about 25 liters, it can store multiple pieces of clothes, or the computer bag you use when commuting, enough for commuting, the backpack adopts a one-piece shape to fit the back more tightly, reducing the weight of the back, whether it is It is a good choice for commuting to work or outdoor hiking.

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