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Founded in 2001, Sealock has been focusing on the development, design and improvement of waterproof bag products for 15 years.
Fifteen years of focus, training and integration of the best waterproof bag designers, engineers and craftsmen, fifteen years of technical experience, to make Sealock waterproof bag into a durable, practical, easy to use waterproof bag, fifteen years of improvement and enterprising to create a unique waterproof bag products.
Sealock packs are created for use in outdoor sports and harsh environments such as swimming, swimming, sailing, sailing, canoeing, scuba diving, fishing, surfing, windsurfing, bicycle travel, motorcycle travel, waterfall, exploration, caving, energy exploration, military, desert, etc. The product line covers basic waterproof bag, waterproof backpack, waterproof rescue bag, lightweight waterproof bag, waterproof shoulder bag, waterproof Fanny pack, waterproof travel bag, fishing bag, bicycle bag, motorcycle bag, military waterproof bag and so on many types of waterproof bag products.
Sealock waterproof bag, can, in all kinds of outdoor activities and work to protect your property, clothing and equipment from moisture, water, rain water, sand, and spray Sealock waterproof airtight package and wading in users in distress ACTS as the function of the life buoy, carefree in the outdoor enthusiasts in the activity, with more freedom to close to nature, enjoy outdoor fun.
For 15 years, we have been providing solutions and technical assistance to sailing clubs, sailing fleets, rescue teams, cave teams, expeditions, armies, motorcycle brands and other organizations in many countries.
In 2001, the sealock brand was founded and the company began to enter the field of waterproof bags
In 2003, he invented China's first mobile phone waterproof bag with a waterproof depth of 15 meters, and obtained the patent certificate of the first waterproof bag in China.
In 2004, extreme sports photography brand Drift established a partnership and created a waterproof bag for high-speed hd cameras
In 2005, it established strategic cooperative relationship with Musto, a world ocean navigation brand, and cooperated with BMW motorcycle, a world famous brand, to produce special waterproof bags for BMW motorcycles.
In 2006, it developed a military waterproof kit for the Singapore and British navies
In 2007, it designed and created an airtight military rescue kit for Taiwan rescue teams
In 2008, it established a partnership with West Marine, the world's leading Marine brand
In 2011, it established cooperative relationship with world famous fishing gear brand PENN, ORIVSE and RAPALA
In 2012, it further expanded the business of exploring hole bags and leisure waterproof bags.
In 2014, it entered Tmall store and became the sales champion of the whole network waterproof bag
In 2015, it became the only brand of waterproof bag for designated captains and sailors in China cup