Ther Sealock and Reanson jointly interpret the close relationship between snorkeling equipment and waterproof bags

    When I went to white water rafting for a while, I saw the coach holding a waterproof backpack. There is a camera in the bag, food or something. After the waterproof zipper is closed, it is placed in the front cabin of the kayak, and then drifted into the quiet area of the white water area, and then took out the camera from the waterproof bag to take pictures for everyone. Later, it was discovered that a waterproof backpack is a very important equipment for water sports, especially long-distance white water rafting, ocean rafting, white water paddle board rafting and other activities, which are basically necessary equipment.

Sealock is a manufacturer of waterproof bags. Their waterproof bag is made of TPU material and seamless technology, the inside of the bag is also covered with a film, and the waterproof zipper mouth is also a unidirectional air-conducting process, which can be blown inward as an auxiliary system for emergency rescue floating. The exhibits on site are very rich. .
When the white water is rafting, because of the rush of waves, although there is a waterproof skirt covering the hatch of the kayak, the whole boat enters the water when it is not kept wet to escape. There are also some rafting boats and water sports boats that are forced to be placed on the boat and fixed with fixed cables. Basically the whole process must be baptized by water.
The waterproof bag can be large or small, and a large waterproof bag can handle long-distance rafting activities. The small ones can be used in the swimming pool, but in general, a waterproof bag with excellent performance can completely allow you to sit back and relax when you are doing water sports.Small waterproof bag, with different colors and simple shape.
The backpack waterproof bag can be carried directly after being taken out of the boat cabin. In addition to drifting boats, it is also suitable for sea windsurfing. I personally feel that this kind of backpack should be perfectly competent if it is a single person crossing the strait.
Reanson is a manufacturer of snorkeling gear and goggles. Snorkeling equipment is referred to as the snorkeling three treasures (mask, fins, snorkel), and goggles are used for many purposes. Mountain bike downhill and cross-country motorcycles are the user groups of goggles.
Borrow a friend's freediving pictures to show that both freediving and snorkeling require fins and masks, but freediving does not require respirators, and freediving fins are much larger than snorkeling fins.
Reanson snorkeling masks are available in interchangeable coated lens styles and ordinary styles.Snow goggles are essential equipment for skiing. While windproof, the coated lenses can also reduce eye irritation.
Reanson ski goggles, using Zeiss lenses, surface coating design. Depending on the coating of the lens, it can increase the contrast and reduce the light effect.